Why SmartUQ Consulting?

Have our experts help yours. SmartUQ’s team of engineers and data scientists can help you assess the requirements and value of applying engineering analytics and uncertainty quantification (UQ) techniques to your engineering work flow. Our team can help develop a customized tool to solve your challenging analytics problem, integrate SmartUQ into your engineering workflow. With an exisiting data set, SmartUQ consulting team can produce decision-quality results from your existing data set and determine if SmartUQ is the right fit for your company with a proof of concept project. Our team members have extensive backgrounds in engineering analytics, Uncertainty Quantification, CAD/CAE, modeling, and simulation.

We'll work directly with you to solve any problem.
We'll work directly with you to solve any problem.

Whether or not you are currently using SmartUQ, if you have a difficult Uncertainty Quantification or Analytics problem to solve or want to see how you can improve your simulation and testing process, we can help.

Custom Analytics Tool Development

Partner with our team of engineers and data scientists to develop a custom tool solution to your most challenging analytics problems. As a partnership, our team of engineers and statisticians works with you to understand your analytics needs and develops a unique tool designed to fit in your engineering workflow. We pride ourselves on creating solutions to our clients’ uncertainty quantification and engineering analytics needs where no off-the-shelf solution exists.

Decision-Quality Results

As simulation, monitoring, and testing techniques continue to advance, you may find yourself drowning in data. Our statisticians can be your data lifeguard by producing decision-quality results to your unique analytics problem. With our team’s deep insights and fast turnaround, you can focus on engineering while we focus on your analytics. Some of our example projects include automotive on-board diagnostics (OBD) analysis, development of virtual sensors, engine calibration, and predictive analytics for complex geometries and 3D scan data.

Uncertainty Quantification Assessment

Find out if you are ready to integrate UQ in your engineering workflow and what potential values you could gain. Our UQ experts will work with you to understand your engineering process. We then will deliver an assessment of where and how to implement UQ into your workflow and the potential return on investment you can expect.

Uncertainty Quantification Process Implementation

Government regulatory agencies including the Department of Defense (DoD), the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have developed and continue to evolve guideline documents for the inclusion of numerical simulation models as a credible source of evidence for meeting regulatory requirements. The guideline documents recommend manufacturers to include model Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification (VVUQ) as part of their numerical analysis reports. The SmartUQ staff members have made significant contributions to the field of Uncertainty Quantification and understand the role of UQ in the VVUQ processes. With their assistance, SmartUQ can help integrate UQ into your company's engineering work flow, in accordance with the government regulatory guidelines.


Software Training

Our software training can help you see an automatic return on your SmartUQ investment. Catch your team up on SmartUQ and its latest features so they can automatically harness SmartUQ’s full potential. SmartUQ supplies in-house or remote software training as well as a series of training videos to get your team started.

Educational Training

Want to learn more about UQ and engineering analytics, and how they can elevate your design, testing, and maintenance analytics? A SmartUQ expert can run a customized in-house or remote educational training for your team. For additional educational material, check out SmartUQ’s webinars and white papers.

Software Deployment

We work with your IT team to develop a plan on the deployment of SmartUQ throughout your company, ensuring each end-user has access to SmartUQ and its latest releases.

Integration and Process Automation

Maximize your investment by integrating SmartUQ with your other software tools. Our engineering and program experts will work with you to smoothly incorporate SmartUQ software into your engineering process. Furthermore, SmartUQ’s team can setup automation processes for tasks that require a large number of iterations.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on offering personal, timely, and complete technical support. If you suggest a potential improvement, we will actively incorporate your feedback and requests into upcoming software releases.


Software Demonstration

Gather your team, and a SmartUQ representative will perform an in-house or remote software demonstration tailored to your company’s interests and needs.

Proof of Concept Project

See if SmartUQ is the right fit for your company. Send us over a test project, and we will work with you to determine if SmartUQ software or our consulting team can help solve your challenging problem.

Trial License

Test out SmartUQ software with a trial license. Set a trial goal, and during the trial, a SmartUQ expert will be available to train and guide you towards achieving it.