To Give Uncertainty its Due: Analysis Firm Specializes in Quantifying Uncertainties

Kenneth Wong - Digital Engineering

Can uncertainties in a design be quantified? It seems implausible, but this is exactly what SmartUQ does — quantifying uncertainties.

Last June, the Probabilistic Analysis Consortium for Engines (PACE), managed by the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) under contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), announced “a collaboration with SmartUQ to develop a probabilistic framework for quantifying uncertainties in the secondary flow and heat transfer models for turbine engines.”

Since a combustion engine is a complex system in which performance is driven by a combination of mechanical thrusts, thermal loads, and vibrations, you’d need to simulate it using multiphysics simulation programs. But due to the intense computation required, most engineering firms will be limited to just a few such simulation runs.

This is where SmartUQ’s probabilistic calculations can augment the primary simulation...

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