OAI Announces Collaboration with SmartUQ

SmartUQ Press Release

MADISON, WI-June 20, 2017: The Probabilistic Analysis Consortium for Engines (PACE), developed and managed by the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) under contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory, has announced a collaboration with SmartUQ to develop a probabilistic framework for quantifying uncertainties in the secondary flow and heat transfer model for turbine engines.

OAI formed PACE to develop, apply and validate advanced probabilistic methods that quantify uncertainty, achieving improvements in engine performance, cost and reliability.

Under their subcontract, SmartUQ will employ advanced statistical methods to quantify and predict uncertainty in key output parameters of the secondary flow model. Additionally, SmartUQ’S approach will reduce the time needed for this analysis.

“At SmartUQ, our mission is to solve difficult uncertainty quantification and analytic problems for our clients, no matter the industry,” said Peter Qian, Chief Scientist at SmartUQ. “This collaboration with PACE is a great opportunity to continue our mission and to solve one of the industry’s top uncertainty quantification challenges.”

SmartUQ, a premier uncertainty quantification and analytics software, employs a team of data scientists and engineers whose combined expertise have enhanced the analytic capabilities of their industry-leading clients.

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SmartUQ is a powerful engineering analytics software tool that incorporates real world variability and probabilistic behavior into the analysis of complex systems. The software utilizes breakthrough statistical techniques to rapidly quantify all forms of uncertainties. SmartUQ statistical tools accelerate design cycles by reducing design iterations, improve design robustness and maximize insight of complex systems by quantifying uncertainties. Learn more here.

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OAI is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Its mission is to enhance their partners’ aerospace competitiveness through research and technology development, workforce preparedness, and engagement with global networks for innovation and advocacy. They deliver value-added experience, intellectual capital, crucial connections, talent groundbreaking research, supply chain expertise, new technologies and education and training for their members and partners. Learn more here.

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