Uncertainty Quantification and Management in Digital Engineering

On Demand - Hosted by NASA Tech Briefs
Presented by Dr. Ed Kraft, SmartUQ Technical Advisor
He has over 48 years of experience in testing and evaluation in both the private and public sector. He is one of the initiators and principal architects for the Air Force’s Digital Thread/Digital Twin initiative and a strong advocate for the application of Uncertainty Quantification in developing the digital authoritative truth source in support of decision making. He is a distinguished alumnus of both the University of Cincinnati and the University of Tennessee Space Institute, where he received his degrees in aerospace engineering. He is a fellow of the American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics (AIAA) and an Arnold Engineering Development Complex fellow.

This webinar illustrates applications of Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) techniques that will be necessary for full implementation of model-based digital engineering. The role of UQ techniques and software, such as SmartUQ, in end-to-end system models, reduced order modeling and probabilistic analysis, the creation of an authoritative digital surrogate “truth source”, and the creation of uncertainty budgets will be discussed.

Using the Department of Defense lifecycle framework for acquisition, operation, and sustainment of systems, approaches will be presented for the continuing collection and application of UQ knowledge over each stage to reduce uncertainties systematically and provide program decision makers with a probabilistic assessment of performance, risk, and costs essential to critical decisions.