White Papers

SmartUQ: Pushing the Boundaries of Engineering Analytics

As simulation, monitoring, and testing techniques become more sophisticated and produce increasing quantities of data, the need for a powerful engineering analytics tool to accurately and efficiently extract information and insights from the data has never been greater.

Statistical Calibration: Grounding Simulations in Reality

Unlike traditional calibration, SmartUQ’s statistical calibration considers the discrepancy between the simulation and physical results which reduces bias and increases the model’s accuracy.

Uncertainty Quantification in 3D Printing

Deemed the “Third Industrial Revolution”, 3D printing appears to have endless capabilities, but a key barrier prevents additive manufacturing from reaching its full potential: uncertainty.

Quantifying Uncertainty for Manufacturing Variations

Manufacturing variations can be introduced from numerous sources such as imprecise equipment, varied raw material properties, and heat treatment processes. Variations lead to uncertain performance and may result in compromised parts or decreased service life.

How Statistical Methods Can Help You Get More Out of Your Simulation Tools

This paper focuses on solutions to three major challenges in the CAE design processes and how statistical methods are a powerful and viable approach to meet these challenges.

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